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Bad smell can be due to many reasons like cause of eating something raw that has pungent smell or due to some health related problems. Having mouth freshner with you is always good. There are many mouth freshner amongst them the best mouth freshner are listed here.


Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds are the widely mouth freshner that helps you overcome the bad smell and are used generally after meal. Being sweet in taste and crunchy they are the most common choice for the mouth freshner.


Cloves have been used for this purpose since ages, and also helps you to overcome tooth pain serves as both. Due to the anti bacterial property it cleanses and de odourizes the mouth.

Peppermint leaves

Peppermint leaves are better option for mouth freshner than the other mint flavoured strips and tablets as they are the natural source and also don’t have sugar or sweeting agent and thus doesn’t add to tooth decay.


Another mouth freshner that is being used since ancient times is cardamom, it’s smell helps to over come the foul smell and keeps your breath smell good.

Salt in water mouthwash

A mixture of salt and water works as a natural and best mouthwash as it cleanses the mouth and cops up the foul smell.


Apple cider vinegar cause of its antibacterial property helps in improving the breathe and makes you feel fresh. Just add 1 glass of water to 2 spoons of ACV and use this as a mouth wash it will clean the mouth and give you fresh breathe.


The commonly used ayurvedic herb has potent antibacterial effect and helps to fight the foul smell. Sage leaves are also potent as a mouth freshner.

Enjoy the fresh breathe naturally with these best mouth freshner in India.

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