Buy Mountain Breeze Mint Strips

Among the various breath strip available in the market, Extra tongue strips India is a echoed in many homes across India. These breath strips, come in very small and cute packages that are super pocket friendly as they fit into your pocket without occupying much space, and also don’t leak or spill. These strips immediately melt on your tongue and start working instantly, by killing 99% of odor causing bacteria accumulated in your mouth. Leaving a fresh minty aftertaste that gives you fresh breath in no time!

Did you know that only brushing and flossing don’t help target dental problems such as bad breath, plaque, gum disease and yellow teeth? Bad breath doesn’t occur because you don’t brush or floss properly. Residue left in your mouth from strong odor foods, or dryness in the mouth from not speaking or swallowing for a while, are the main causes of bad breath. The evolution of mouth freshening products has rapidly expanded into innovations we cannot even think of! From basic toothpaste and brushes, to mints, gum, and pocket friendly breath strips. They don’t just stop there at all! Various flavors, and types within each product range has increased the occupancy space of dental products in stores. Breath strips are just new, absolutely refreshing and a must try product for every person on the go.

Available in flavors that include cool mint, fresh burst, and spearmint. Don’t worry about the sugar content, because there is also a separate range of sugar-free breath strips available online as well. If it’s hard to find the Best Extra tongue strips in your nearest supermarket, don’t worry at all! These breath strips are easily available online, so you can order them and they will arrive right at your doorstep.

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