Sugar free mouth freshner

As generations go by, problems like cavities, bad breath, plaque, etc. are becoming more and more common. The evolution of mouth freshening product has rapidly influenced every generation, trying to give a wider range in order to solve or provide temporary relief. From the oldest and basic toothpaste, to new innovations like mouth freshening paper strips, and pocket friendly sprays. Each product outnumbering one another by upgrading the possible instant results that they can give. Mints and mouth freshener sprays along with breath strips, are quite commonly used in a generation on the go. Breath strips are, absolutely refreshing and a must have to every person on the go, especially in a generation where people are always in a hurry.

The most popularly used product in western countries are the compact breath strips. Among which, Listerine is a well-known and common household brand. Listerine Breath Stripscome in a very small and cute packaging that is absolutely pocket friendly. Meaning, they fit into your pocket without taking up much of space, and don’t leak or spill. These strips instantly melt on your tongue in seconds and start working immediately, by killing 99% of odor causing bacteria in your mouth. Leaving your mouth a fresh minty aftertaste and hence giving you fresh breath in no time!

Readily available online, mouth melting strips are available in flavors that include cool mint, arctic berry, fresh burst, and cool heat. Worried about cavities or your diet because of the sugar content? Don’t worry, because there is also a separate range of sugar-free breath strips including the same flavors available in the original ones. Fresh meltz are definitely life savers for us all who are always on the go.

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