Sugar free mouth freshner

Bad breath is common, yet the most embarrassing problem people face today on almost a daily basis. Bad breath can really lower our confidence. Though our generation has several instant solutions for bad breath in the market, the fear or chemical damage also grows on a daily basis. Back in the good old days, our grandparents and ancestors never popped a tic-tac or chewing gum in their mouths did they? Just a couple of easy to find household items were their saviors! No chemicals and no side effects to worry about! Certain food products, essences and even a dry mouth can cause bad breath, and can create awkward situations for all of us. That doesn’t mean we should ignore foods that we like, or constantly drink water all the time. Natural Mouth Fresheners found in the kitchen can be a quick and easy savior for you, without the worry of chemicals and side effects!

Fresh Coriander leaves help mask the stench of a strong onion or garlic. Fennel seeds help fight against germs that cause bad breath. A few raw Mint leaves can leave your mouth fresh, or you can make a simple tea out of them too! Cloves are rich in antibacterial Eugenol which not only alleviates toothaches, but also works as a powerful deodorizer. A small stick of Cinnamon can go a long way when it comes to fighting bad breath as it is also rich in antibacterial agents. Guava and Citrus fruits is also a mouths best friend as they help stimulate your salivary glands, to enhance saliva production.

All of these Natural Mouth Fresheners, along with various others, can be found in your nearest supermarket. Maybe some of them are even hiding in your kitchen! So what are you waiting for? Chew!

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