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The last one decade or so has witnessed a huge rise in the number of products that are marketed on the platform of being natural. Nowhere has this trend been more evident than in the energy drinks niche. Today, the number of ‘natural energy drinks’ in the market outstrips that of those which don’t bear that label. And that is interesting seeing that less than ten years ago, a natural energy drink would have been a specialty product: the sort that you have to shop far and wide to get a store stocking it.

Two factors have led to this popularity of this Up n Up Energy Strips natural energy drinks. First were the safety concerns raised a few years back, with regard to some of the ‘synthetic’ energy drinks of the time – which led to the outright banning of some brands in some countries. Most of those arose in the wake of some people making use of the drinks and ending up with health problems that were blamed on the drinks. But the greater factor informing this popularity of natural energy drinks is the fact that we happen to be living in a time when people are simply obsessed with ‘natural’ products – which are seen as being more effective and safer.

Now what tends to qualify an energy drink to be termed as being ‘natural’ is where it happens to contain herbal extracts, and ideally, where it draws its efficacy from such herbal Energy Strips extracts.

Herbal Supplement for Energy

Do you need a herbal supplement for energy? The answer depends on your way of life and diet. If you live a fast-paced lifestyle, it may be hard to achieve a balance in your health. Your daily to-do lists, changing meal schedules, and irregular sleep may cause your energy levels go down – especially if your diet does not give you all the nutrients you need. You may need to replenish it with Up n Up Mint Strips herbal supplement for energy, which many people prefer to other types of vitamins because it is all-natural.

Herbal supplement for energy can be taken as tea, pills, capsules, tablets, or in liquid form. Below is a list of common herbs used to boost energy:

  1. Ginseng supplements

This herbal supplement for energy has a long history as a healing herb in China, Japan, and Korea. Centuries of use have proved that ginseng can alleviate certain psychiatric and neurological conditions as well as raise one’s stamina and vitality. Several types are available with the common ones being American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius), Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng), and Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus chinensis).

  1. Maca supplements

Known in the scientific community as Lepidium meyenii, this radish-shaped and root-like vegetable has been used by Peruvians to increase endurance, energy, fertility, sexual virility, and vitality. The maca grows in the Andes mountains of South America.

  1. Maitake supplements

Maitake is a herbal supplement for energy sourced from a Japanese mushroom that can help in stress resistance and stamina improvement.

  1. Rhodiola supplements

Researched thoroughly by Russian and Chinese scientists, the rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea) can stimulate the nervous system by alleviating depression, improving work capabilities, fighting fatigue, and combating high altitude sickness. These herbs can be found in the Arctic regions inside the eastern part of Siberia.

  1. Tongkat ali supplements

Tongkat ali is a herbal supplement for energy from Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. Natives of the said countries use every part of the tree for medication. The most popular benefits of tongkat ali include being an aphrodisiac as well as a tonic and energy enhancer.

Important reminder Herbal supplement for energy can possibly make or break your health, so be careful when buying and taking them. Avoid supplements which may be harmful to you because of wrong dosage or production errors. Purchase your supplies only from pharmaceutical GMP-compliant manufacturers to safeguard your health. Such manufacturers have passed the FDA’s stringent manufacturing standards, so you can be sure that they only sell high-quality, potent supplements


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