mint strips used as freshener

Mouth freshener are use to get rid off the foul smell that comes due to various reasons like food, or infection or health problems. There are many forms in which mouth freshener are used one amongst them is strip  mouth freshener. These strip mouth freshener are the mint strips used as freshener.


Mint mouth fresheners are the stripes of mouth freshener that wards off the foul smell and leaves a fresh and good smelling breathes. These are chewable stripes that contain mint extract and essence a king with sweetening agents.  Mint mouth freshener stripes removes the foul smell due to the presence of mint extract, it smells de odorises the bad breathe and makes you feel fresh.All you need to do is take one out of the pocket, place it in your mouth and get lost in the world of  cool and fresh breathe. It will surely add in the freshness and will gear you up with fresh and cool menthol smell breath.

There are various brands that sell this stripes but mountain mint stripes mouth freshener are herbal. These stripes don’t have the chemicals that may harm the oral cavity on larger consumption. Also these are available online, so you can purchase them on one click and get it delivered to your address. Enjoy the mint mouth freshener stripes and make your mouth feel good smell good.

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