The most common problem that people face in this fast moving competitive world is lack of energy. Fatigue can be overcome by a peaceful and quality sleep however a chronic fatigue problem is a sign of something that is wrong. All in all, when discussed about energy it is nothing other than function of cells by the consumption of vitamins plus proteins daily.

Here are the healthy supplements for boosting energy:

Vitamin B12

The body’s cell requires B12 for the metabolism of energy and production of energy also depends on vitamin B12.

Sources Mussels, dairy products and red meat are the best vitamin B12 sources.



Iodine plays an indirect role in boosting energy. It controls production of thyroid hormones that regulates the other hormones that are essential for energy production.

Sources:Seafood, leafy vegetables, sea vegetables are great iodine sources.


Gingko BilobaHerb

It enhances mitochondrial respiration and ATP production in brain cells thus enhances the energy production.


Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 is very vital for energy production and is present in all organs. CellFuzionis the best supplement of it.


This hormone is secreted by pineal gland and it plays a vital role in energy production, if sleep is inconsistent than it effects the production of Melatonin which may lead to fatigue. Also Melatonin has other effects on health due to its inadequate amount like blood sugar level problems, weight gain and others.

Other healthy energy supplements that boosts energy are Androtrex, Female fission, Acetyl L-carnitines, Magnesium, Melatonin, Intra Max, Ginseng and many more.

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