The products that are intended to maintain the hygiene of the mouth and oral cavity and helps to deodorise it are generally together called as oral care products. Nowadays products like paas pass, mint strips, mouth sprays are commonly used as mouth freshner over the traditional mouth freshner like fennel seeds, peppermint leaves and others.

The reason behind the use of such products are easily available and don’t consume time in preparing it, also they are widely available you can easily get such oral care products at any shop. Also the taste, texture and result after using it are some other factors that may encourage the use of these oral care products.

These products are a mixture of many things and helps to enhance the breath freshness with great taste like pass pass is made up of fennel seeds, sugar and other essence that may give a good smell but may also lead to tooth decay. The mint strips that are other widely used oral care product and helps to give a give sweet breathe but also brings in problem of tooth decay due to the presence of sweetening agents. One more widely used product is baba elachi, the cardamom seeds are covered with silver foil and some freshing agents and preservatives. It gives a sweet taste and makes breathe feel fresh but too much of it can cause addiction.

Though this marketed products seems to be alluring and have great benefits they have side effects too and over consumption of it is not at all advisable.

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