Be at the peak of your freshness. Just slip the strip of Mountain breeze in your mouth. Let it dissolve. And within seconds, experience the icy- cool mint breath. Frosting over all odd odours of your mouth. Catering to everyone. Across ages. As it is sugar-free. And with an offering of health care with every strip. Thereby, making you exhale the everlasting breeze of freeze. Anytime. Anywhere. Just put the tiny pack in your pocket. And carry the freshness around, to fill your moments with a cool breath.

Mountain Breeze is the best friend when there is very little scope for a mouthwash or pop in a mint candy for quick cleansing or freshness in mouth. It comes in two different packings. The sachet comes with 3 mint strips with a tag of just Rs 5/- each. The second pack comes in a sleek and stylish pocket pack with 20 strips each with a tag of Rs 25/-. And to top it all, the mint strips are SUGAR FREE!!