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Giving recommendations on herbal products is always tough on pharmacists.  Thousands of drug products on the market are, or are derived from, natural sources. If anyone ever tells you “herbal medications don’t work!” you may want to let them know that almost all of our most potent pain killers are or were derived from the […]

Energy Drink Herbal Ingredients

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What Are You Actually Drinking When You Tip That Energy Drink Can? Now that the high-caffeine and high-sugar energy drink craze dust has settled slightly, there is many people who are still looking for an energy boost but are hoping for some energy drink herbal ingredients that will give them pep without damaging their health. […]

The ABCs of Energy Drinks

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What are “Energy Drinks”? Energy drinks are non-alcoholic beverages with the addition of so-called ‘energy enhancing’ ingredients. They claim to increase alertness and improve mental and physical performance. There are different variety of brands that are mainly available at supermarkets, convenience stores, vending machines, and even bars. These drinks contain important amounts of caffeine and […]

Herbal Energy Supplement – Add Some Pep to Your Life

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Where the energy-drinks work through their vitamin content, the vitamin at work will tend to be vitamin B complex, which has been known to enhance metabolic activity in the body, hence the energizing effect associated with it. In actual fact, going through the ingredient/nutritional listings of most of these energy drinks, one thing that you […]